The importance of social medias

Social relations seem more essential than ever to our well-being. We’re looking to maintain our relationships. During this period of health crisis, we’re discovering new ways to use  state-of-the-art technologies and thanks to these, we can stay in touch with each other. We’re using video calls on WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger, etc. Going from a simple conversation to happy hours online, these socials-digitals moments make us happy.

Robert Waldinger - A Harvard University’s teacher - presented a study on happiness during a TED talk. His research lasted more than 70 years and therefore saw a certain number of researchers succeeding to each other in order to keep the study on going. The research focused on two groups from different social backgrounds: the first group was made up of students from Harvard University and the second was made up of young people from poor areas of Boston. By studying annually and through interviews, medical records, brain scans, blood tests, videos representing them in interaction with their loved ones, they discovered what promotes the wellness of individuals. No, it is not money, professional success or fame that makes you happy, but it is really good relationships. Indeed, good relationships tend to make a human healthier (both physiologically and cognitively) and happier.

Why are social relationships so important? Human beings have evolved through social relationships, as Pierre Bourdieu said, throughout our lives we go through two stages of socialization. The first takes place from our earliest childhood when we learn to eat and speak in a specific way, when we build ourselves. The second takes place later, and it is related to our professional field, we meet new people and they also have their own visions of the world. During this second socialization phase, we get to know the unknown and adapt our behavior accordingly. We usually evolve, and this changes can cause emotional shocks because we discover that the vision we had of the world and what we firmly believed in, is in reality, not universal. 

All human beings have this characteristic in common: The need to be part of a group. This can be accomplished through social skills. In our daily life, we use different types of social relationships: professional relationships, intimate relationships, friendly relationships and family relationships.

Events allow people to be social. We can go to an event alone, meet new people or go there accompanied by someone and spend precious moments that we will never forget. In todays’s world, there is a multitude of different events happening simultaneously. From clubbing to a book club reading, everyone can find something that suits them.

If the event goes well, we will be happy and if it did not go well, then we will be disappointed. In any case, these events are proving to us that we are alive. According to the study of Robert Waldinger, the events in which we participate will contribute to our happiness and even if we cannot always go out as we would like, digital allows us to live experiences in another way.

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