About Kizano

Design, events, communication & museography

Kizano was born with the aim of rethinking events creation. Make them unique and suitable for all. Being close to your desires, Kizano creates an experience that is unique to you. 


Thanks to its communication & design passionate team, Kizano creates memories and stirs up emotions spotlighting senses (vision, touch, audition). We are not only looking for event organisation, we’re looking to tell a story, your story. 


Your story takes people close to you into account, that’s why we place family in the heart of our events. Each of our experiences fits children and adults. During our experiences, you could build unforgettable memories. 


We recognise that event is not frequent and in an enterprise, it’s enrolled in a global communication strategy. That’s why Kizano has two strings to its bow, visual communication. By means of a reflected and analysed approach, Kizano has the aim of offering you the best tools to create a unique communication. That communication will create an unforgettable memory and will engage your audience.